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Day 7: La Roche to Vichy

The Surprise!

As I wrote yesterday Isabelle of the La Roche glider club had a surprise for us. For breakfast she made us a very good coffee and invited us to show us her other hangar. So we drove around to the south side of the airfield to a company named TOP GUN Voltige were Isabelle, her brothers and many helpers fly and maintain all sorts of vintage, aerobatics, jet and so on aircraft.

Isabelle, thank you for showing this to me!

Cessna 170

L-39 Front Cockpit


Boing Stearman

T28 Project

The Perils of getting Fuel

After we said goodbye to Isabelle and everybody else, we taxied 90B over the fuel pump. But there we discovered that our credit card was not accepted and the TOTAL carnet neither. Unfortunately the fuel wouldn’t last until Vichy and so we flew half an hour to Nior.

But after landing the AFIS operator told us the fuel pump was broken and hadn’t have time to put up a NOTAM. Well, as we were the only thing on the whole airport, I think that must be southern french interpretation of workload. At least the operator was kind enough to phone to Le Blanc if we could get fuel over there and if we could pay with TOTAL carnet which was assured despite another entry in the AIP.

So up in the air again and we landed in Le Blanc another 45 minutes later. But the fuel pump had no terminal for any card. And nobody was around to help us! So already running on fumes, we replanned again when a young lady approached us and we finally got fuel!

Next on the List: Thunderstorms

We new that there would be thunderstorms in the Massive Centrale but they would be far enough south of our route be be no concern. But because of the delays with the fuel the had begun moving into our path. When I asked Limogue Controle if on cell would be sitting over Vichy he just responded that that was not his sector anymore. So we switch over to Clermont Ferrant Approach and this controller was a great help finally! He helped us to fly around the thunderstorm cell and in the end to land in Vichy. By the way, this is the Vichy were the collaborative regime was sitting during World War 2.

Since the weather worsens by the day in terms of thunderstorms, tomorrow will be the first day we will be heading north again. Stay tuned!

Day 4 and 5: Avranches to Guiscriffe Scaer

Avranches was such a nice place that Hugo and I decided to stay a little longer. And it was worth it. Besides swimming in the Baie du Mont St. Michel we met many nice people! Thereunder Micheal from Germany who is flying around in his RV-6. But always comes the time to say goodbye and so this morning we climbed back into 90B and departed runway 21 out the the bay. Continue reading

Day 3: Berck sur Mer – Grandville – Avranches

Berck sur Mer to Grandville

Yesterday was another great day for flying. Almost no clouds in the sky! Just some annoying 20kt headwind…

After breakfast we departed Berck southbound along to coast until Dieppe were we than cut inland and around Le Havre and Deauville. The flight than continued along the cost again along the D-Day landing beaches.

Continue reading

Hugo an I on the Beach at Berck sur Mer

Day 2: Charleville – Berck sur Mer

As we woke up in our tent at Charleville the sun was shining already and it was beautiful flying weather. After breakfast we said goodbye to the Aeroclub of Charleville and departed westbound, destination Berck sur Mer. Berck is actually kind of the GA airport of Le Touquet and definitely closer to the beach. Continue reading

Day 1: Celle – Dahlemer Binz – Charleville

We are on the road again! Yesterday we departed our airfield Celle-Arloh in the late morning and headed towards France.

Plan and Replan!

Originally, it was planned to remain in Germany for the first night. But unfortunately my friend couldn’t accommodate us in the end. And so we decided to fly all the way into France on the first day. Continue reading

I am a HAM Radio Operator now!

It all began with my new job back in March 2020. As I left the electronics development department for the software engineering I still wanted to tinker with electronics. And as I thought about doing some amateur radio (HAM radio) for quite a while, I went ahead and became a member of the H24 regional district of the DARC, the German Amateur Radio Club.

Almost immediately I started learning for my novice license, class E, but due to Corona I couldn’t do my exam. Yet finally last week I got that done and got my world wide unique callsign DO1MRV.

Also today I got my checkout on our club station DL0VW by Peter DG5ACX.

HAM Radio License Class E passed!

HAM Radio License Class E passed

FVC Logo Skywriting

One Saturday afternoon…

Well, what happens, if you are a pilot and you don’t know what you should do on your Saturday afternoon? Maybe I should go flying… But I’ve been to the nearby airfields a little bit to often lately…

I do need an idea, what I could do in the local area! Boy, lets draw our flying clubs logo right overhead our home airfield just with a GPS track! So I prepared my GPS as I did already describe in Skywriting in a non-aerobatic airplane? and jumped into 90B. After almost an our twisting and turning, the work was done. What do you think?

By the way, after the “F” I had to land again and start a new track because due to other traffic in the area I couldn’t maintain the needed headings.


Florian and Hugo

Helgoland reopens after Corona!

As you all know, travailing in times of Corona virus is heavily restricted. So for general aviation as well. In times it went even as far as to close entire airfields!

But at least in Germany thing started to open up again and travailing and flying becomes more and more possible. That said, Helgoland was the first German island to reopen for daytrippers again and so our family decided to head there on Whitmonday.

It was beautiful weather with no clouds and light winds from the north east. While climbing 90B to FL65 we went just above a small inversion layer and headed towards the North Sea. As expected Helgoland was quite busy so we checked in early for landing and after a busy approach we got almost the last parking sport available.

With the ferry we than set over to the main island and it became time to hunt for a fish sandwich and after lunch we began the ascend of the rock. And since Hugo and I had been on Helgoland before, we could act as a guide for Mom and Dirk and show them around a little bit.

Gannets and guillemots on the Helgoland rock face

Gannets and guillemots on the Helgoland rock face

On top of the rock we decided to do the grand hike all around it which would also bring us along the “Lange Anna” (long Anna) and the many bird breading colonies.

Helgoland has a to rich history to tell all. But I one does the hike along the cliff edge foot path, he or she will learn a lot! Long Story short, Helgoland is worth a visit!