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What is Discovering Eagle all about? Let me show you my project of exploring the world!

I am a HAM Radio Operator now!

It all began with my new job back in March 2020. As I left the electronics development department for the software engineering I still wanted to tinker with electronics. And as I thought about doing some amateur radio (HAM radio) for quite a while, I went ahead and became a member of the H24 regional district of the DARC, the German Amateur Radio Club.

Almost immediately I started learning for my novice license, class E, but due to Corona I couldn’t do my exam. Yet finally last week I got that done and got my world wide unique callsign DO1MRV.

Also today I got my checkout on our club station DL0VW by Peter DG5ACX.

HAM Radio License Class E passed!

HAM Radio License Class E passed

Flying Wrench Bender beats his Dad

Pilots tend to think, that mechanics can’t fly. Last week, my brother and helping hand Nico proved the opposite. In his Ventus cxM D-KNGS he fly over a thousand (yes, 1.000) kilometers from Celle to the Mecklenburg Lake District and on to Poland. After a little more than 10 hours of continuous soaring, he returned to Celle. Continue reading

Back Home safely !

What is “Discovering Eagle” all about?

The “Discovering Eagle” project has been invented by Florian Meissner as means of documenting and sharing his love for aviation and traveling. He likes to share what he experiences and hurdles he has to take to fly his airplane to far of destinations and meet new people.

While traveling all over Europe the main goal of “Discovering Eagle” is to brand a journey one will do only once in a lifetime. In the footsteps of well-known aviators like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Elli Beinhorn and Michael Grzimek he plans on not just fly to Africa, but even surround it!

On this website we like to document the planning process for such a feat and what Florian does in the meantime to prepare himself.

Since a project of the magnitude surely requires lots of money, please feel free to check out hour you can support us.