Here is some software and software addons I like to share with you. These are created by my own unless stated otherwise. Third party data sources are indicated.

SkyDemon Addons

To use the software in this section, you have to have a working installation and subscription with SkyDemon.

Custom Data

Installation instructions:

  1. Download desired package(s)
  2. Install as described in the
  3. Please donate a little bit for my project via the support page.
  4. You are done!

Airspace Supplements / Fixes

Germany FIS Fix

Fix to get the FIS sector back into the map window after they were removed by SkyDemon.

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Germany_Airspace_CorrectionsGermany Airspace Corrections

Supplement of the already pretty good SkyDemon chart of several airspace tweaks in Germany.

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Germany Glider Activity Sectors

Adds gliding sectors in Germany to the chart.

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SkyDemon Paragliding Airfield Extension

Paragliding Airfields Extension for Germany

Extension to the SkyDemon chart with hundrets of paragliding and hanggliding sites.

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GEMIL_VFRGerman Military VFR Reporting Points, Routes and Patterns

Supplement of the already pretty good SkyDemon chart to include traffic patterns, visual reporting points and VFR arrival and departure routes for military airfield in Germany.

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ED-R150German Military Night Low Flying System NLFS (ED-R150)

Adds the waypoints and restricted airspaces for the German Military Night Low
Flying System also referred to as ED-R150 to SkyDemon.

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Glider Turnpoint Databases

CelleScheuenGliderTurnpointsCelle-Scheuen Gliderport, Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany

Data provided by Flugsportvereinigung Celle Segelfluggruppe e.V. as of 2008.

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Chilhowee92aGliderTurnpointsChilhowee Gliderport (92A), Benton, Tennessee, United States of America

Data provided  by Soaring Web’s Wolrdwide Turnpoint Exchange as of 2011.

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