Hugo an I on the Beach at Berck sur Mer

Day 2: Charleville – Berck sur Mer

As we woke up in our tent at Charleville the sun was shining already and it was beautiful flying weather. After breakfast we said goodbye to the Aeroclub of Charleville and departed westbound, destination Berck sur Mer. Berck is actually kind of the GA airport of Le Touquet and definitely closer to the beach.

The flight itself was rather uneventful. We had severe VMC all along the way. The only downside was the Hugo became a little bit sick because of all the thermals. And after a little over one and a half hours of flight the Atlantic Ocean came into view.

What you don’t have in your head… Well I assume everybody knows an ending to that sentence. Yesterday I noticed that I forgot two crucial peaces of luggage: Hugo’s food and leash! So after arriving in Berck our first task was to find some dog food and so we began walking the an Aldi about 2km away. Right next door to the airport there is a store which was labeled in Google Maps as Garden Store. Fortunately for us the sign on the parking lot said “Fleurie – Animalerie” (Flowershop – Animalsupplies). There we quickly got some food and a new leash for Hugo.

After accomplishing that mission we said out for the beach. From the airfield it is almost a 4km walk but it was quite interesting to walk through this old french village. Now we are back with the airplane and enjoying the sunset over the runway.

See you tomorrow!

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