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Germany Airspace Corrections

Supplements to the already quite good SkyDemon Chart to show various
corrections to the airspace within Germany.

Data Source

All data is sourced from official aiviation publications. See list of
corrections for further details.

List of Airspace Corrections

The following corrections were made to SkyDemons default airspace:

Airport Sector Changes Source Remarks
Hamburg (EDDH) CTR (HX) Boberg Sector added AIP DE IFR ENR 2.1-18 (28MAR2019)
Hamburg (EDDH) CTR (HX) Finkenwerder Sector added AIP DE IFR ENR 2.1-18 (28MAR2019)
Hannover (EDDV) CTR (HX) Wunstorf Sector added ICAO Karte Deutschland 2019 (01APR2019)
Fritzlar (ETHF) CTR (HX) Mosenberg Sector added AIP DE MIL AD2 ETNW-1 (23MAY2019)
Wunstorf (ETNW) CTR (HX) Variable area of responsibility added AIP DE MIL AD2 ETNW-1 (12SEP2009)


To be able to uses the files provided by Discovering Eagle you need to have a
working installation of SkyDemon on Android, iOS or Windows PC and a valid

We develop our files with the newest version of SkyDemon at that given time. Even though SkyDemon claims backwards compatibility for custom data, we can’t
guarantee it.

All development and testing including creation of the screenshots included in
the archive are done with the default SkyDemon 3 chart style. We do not check
nor do we guarantee that the projected features are displayed correctly with
the use of other chart styles.


Everything on this website is free! Nevertheless I would appreciate if you donate a little via the support page. I do put a lot of work in these downloads and with every donation you help me coming closer to the ultimate goal: Flying around Africa!


  1. Unzip the contents of the downloaded archive to your SkyDemon’s CustomData folder. On Windows computers you will usually find this at C:Users< username >DocumentsSkyDemonCustomData. On Android you will find it under < Internal storage >/SkyDemon/CustomData.
  2. After unzipping you should find the following files:
      • README.md (you can delete this one afterwards)
      • LICENSE.md
      • Germany_Airspace_Corrections_DDMMMYYYY.airways
      • Germany_Airspace_Corrections.png (you can delete this one afterwards)
  3. Now startup SkyDemon. If it has been running close and restart it.
  4. Make your map layer settings:
    1. On a Windows PC go to the main menu and turn on the following:
      • Mapping > Airspace > Show Controlled Airspace A-D
      • Mapping > Airspace > Show Controlled Airspace E
      • Mapping > Airspace > Show Other Airspace
    2. On a mobile device tap the chart layer icon (three panes stacked on top of each other) in the bottom right of the map window and turn on this:
      • Airspace > Controlled A-D
      • Airspace > Controlled E
      • Airspace > Misc

Now you should see that the airspaces metioned above have appeared.

It didn’t work

Make sure, all chart layer options are turned on as described above. Zoom in closer to prevent features been hidden by SkyDemons automatic decluttering feature. You can check your settings while zooming in to the area near Hamburg (EDDH). See the included screenshot for reference.

If you still do not get any sectors, check if you extracted the archive into your SkyDemon’s CustomData folder without any subfolder. Make sure, you did not change any filename. If you need to correct something here, restart SkyDemon afterwards.


Discovering Eagle did not and does not invent the data provided. See section Data Source above to learn were the provided data came from. We do rework the raw data from our sources and put them into the SkyDemon format.

Unfortunately, it is impossible the verify the correctness of every given dataset. So we must emphasize that the data provided is an aid to flight planning and navigation, designed to enhance situational awareness. The pilot remains responsible for ensuring they have all information necessary for the safe conduct of the flight and that they adhere to the laws of any states overflown. (Did you recognize this paragraph?)

All data provided come with an effective date of the data of the providing entity. Since Discovering Eagle is essentially a one-man-show, I won’t post a cycle end date nor do I guarantee to update my files when the providing entity does. Nevertheless I strive to provide the most up-to-date data possible. Should you find outdated data, please feel free to drop a note on the contact form.


All versions are numbered by their effective date.

Added the variable area of responsibility for Wunstorf (ETNW).
Initial compilation from the sources mentioned above.


  • Florian Meissner, founder and front-man of Discovering Eagle.


This project is licensed under an extended MIT License – see the LICENSE.md file for details

Contact / Bug-Report


Countries I’ve been to

Let me share a little list with you where I have been to and how did I get there.

By myself

Germany My home country where I live since I was born.
United States of America I worked and lived there for a year and got my pilots license in the meantime.

Tennessee I lived and worked there for almost one year after my apprenticeship in 2013. During that time I got my pilots license.

Also I returned in 2018 for the summer and flew as a tow pilot at Chilhowee Gliderport (92A) in Benton. Great thanks to Sarah and Jason for giving me my tow pilot endorsement and for let me having fun with their Pawnee!

Kentucky In December 2014 I returned to the States, this time to Kentucky. In Louisville I bought 90B and shipped her home to Celle, Germany.
New York During my year in Tennessee I got the chance to spend a couple of days exploring New York City with my mom.
Georgia Flying in and out of Atlanta, Georgia was and is my gateway to Tennessee.
Alabama During my flight training with Aviation Specialists Inc. at Collegedale Municipal Airport (KFGU), TN I routinely crossed into Alabama and landed at several smaller airfields.
Virginia I drove through these states on my way from Chattanooga, TN to New York City, NY.
New Jersey
Illinois I came through these states on the trip to buy 90B when I flew into Chicago, IL and drove down to Louisville, KY.
France By myself I’ve been to France just once on my trip to St. Auban and back. But before I’ve been there many times as a child with my family.
United Kingdom After having flown in to the Duxford Flying Legends Airshow as a child with my family, I returned in 90B to explore the country on my own. See British Isles 2019 tour.
Belgium While returning from the British Isles 2019 tour I made a stopover in Brussels to meet Lady Bush Pilot.
Netherlands Just a quick fuel stop on my way to the British Isles. But definitely not the last!
Poland Did at weekend trip to visit the concentration camp memorial in Oswiecim with Tim. See Weekend in Auschwitz

With my family

France Most of our family holidays we spend in the French Alps. We either supported my father to go soaring and went skiing there.
Austria Though we went skiing in France in the very early years of my life, we later moved on to the Austrian Alps.
Italia In 1998 we did a tour around the Alps in our fathers DR400 and did a couple of days layover in northern Italy. I might be back one day…
Denmark First time I came to Denmark, we visited the Legoland in Billund. Later we returned a couple of times to the Baltic Sea Islands.
Sweden It was 2001 when we flew my fathers DR400 up the Lake Vettern in southern Sweden. And I have to admit, the Swedish landscape is one of the most beautiful ones in Europe!
Spain A couple years ago we did another flying adventure. Through France we flew down the Mediterranean coast of Spain until Mallaga where we spend a couple of days.
Morocco From our trip to Spain we took a day trip to Ceuta and Tanger. It was far away from everything I had known from Europe so far! And I was only 12…

Countries / regions I like to go to

Africa Still my ultimate goal is to fly my own plane around Africa one day…
Baltic Sea region I have ideas for flying around the Baltic Sea already…

Canada, Alaska The northern Rocky Mountains in Canada and Alaska are a place I like to go one time.
South America Flying through the Andes mountains like the majestic Condor, soaring over high peaks. I adventure I have to try! But if I do it, I will go down all the way to Ushuaia.
New Zealand New Zealand is so well-known for its beautiful scenery and hospitable people. Do you need more reasons?