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Information Evening at Celle-Arloh

Hi there,

almost two weeks ago I gave a presentation in the clubhouse of the Flugsportvereinigung Celle e.V. Motorflug about my flight around the British Isles this summer. The club hosts various protagonists to entertain and at the same time teach their members on flying subjects. This year is about leaving you home airport and embarking on a multi day and probably multi country journey.

Since all members of the club are german, the presentation was held in that language, too.

Unfortunately I was not able to properly synchronize my audio recorder with the video so that you have to life with the GoPro’s internal audio stream.

Celle-Scheuen Glider Turnpoints

Turnpoint database for Celle-Scheuen gliderport, Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Data Source

All data was sourced from the internal FVC2008.cup file of Flugsportvereinigung Celle Segelfluggruppe e.V. effective before 31DEZ2008.


To be able to use the files provided by Discovering Eagle you need to have a working installation of SkyDemon on Android, iOS or Windows PC and a valid subscription.

I develop my files with the newest version of SkyDemon at that given time. Even though SkyDemon claims backwards compatibility for custom data, I can’t guarantee it.


Everything on this website is free! Nevertheless I would appreciate if you donate a little via the support page. I do put a lot of work in these downloads and with every donation you help me coming closer to the ultimate goal: Flying around Africa!


  1. Unzip the contents of the downloaded archive to your SkyDemon’s CustomData folder. On Windows computers you will usually find this at C:\Users\< username >\Documents\SkyDemon\CustomData. On Android you will find it under < Internal storage >/SkyDemon/CustomData.
  2. After unzipping you should find the following files:
    • README.md (you can delete this one afterwards)
    • LICENSE.md
    • CelleScheuenGliderTurnpoints_DDMMMYYYY.vrps.csv
    • CelleScheuenGliderTurnpoints.png (you can delete this one afterwards)
  3. Now startup SkyDemon. If it has been running close and restart it.
  4. Turn on Mapping > Waypoints > Show Glider Waypoints and navigate to Celle-Scheuen.

You should see multiple waypoints with a blue dot icon have appeared.

It didn’t work

Make sure, gilder turnpoints are visible in SkyDemon. Turn them on as described above and zoom in closer than 500k.

Check if you extracted the archive into you SkyDemon’s CustomData folder without any subfolder. Make sure, you did not change any filename.


Discovering Eagle did not and does not invent the data provided. See section Data Source above to learn were the provided data came from. We do rework the raw data from our sources and put them into the SkyDemon format.

Unfortunately, it is impossible the verify the correctness of every given dataset. So we must emphasize that the data provided is an aid to flight planning and navigation, designed to enhance situational awareness. The pilot remains responsible for ensuring they have all information necessary for the safe conduct of the flight and that they adhere to the laws of any states overflown. (Did you recognize this paragraph?)

All data provided come with an effective date of the data of the providing entity. Since Discovering Eagle is essentially a one-man-show, I won’t post a cycle end date nor do I guarantee to update my files when the providing entity does. Nevertheless I strive to provide the most up-to-date data possible. Should you find outdated data, please feel free to drop a note on the contact form.


All versions are numbered by their effective date.

31DEZ2008 Initial pull from the internal file FVC2008.cup from Flugsportvereinigung Celle Segelfluggruppe e.V..

Contained Turnpoints

Changes are noted as followed. See Remarks column for details.
removed added changed

Latitude Longitude Identifier Name Remarks
N52.656383 E010.171117 _GARNO _GARNO
N52.656383 E010.171117 _GARNO _GARNO
N51.984167 E009.817833 ALFELDBF Alfeld Bahnhof
N52.118050 E013.950000 ALTSCHDW Altschadow
N53.130500 E010.216667 AMEX209B Armelinghausen Kreuzung B209
N53.017783 E013.994450 ANGERMND Angermuende
N52.880500 E011.495833 ARENDSBF Arendsee Bahnhof
N53.079500 E010.575000 BADBEVBF Badbevensen Bahnhof
N52.707000 E008.509667 BARNSTBF Barnstorf Bahnhof
N52.643050 E010.269450 BEEDENYB Bedenbostel
N52.137500 E012.597167 BELZIGBF Belzig Bahnhof
N52.808333 E009.983333 BERGENBH Bergen Bahnhof
N53.143333 E010.486333 BIENENBF Bienenbüttel Bahnhof
N51.986000 E008.616667 BIEXAB68 Bielefeld Kreuzung B68
N52.750000 E011.555550 BISMARKX BISMARKX
N53.101667 E009.978333 BISPINAA Bispingen Autobahnabfahrt
N53.294333 E010.723500 BLECKEBF Bleckede Bahnhof
N53.194500 E009.286167 BOCKELAA BOCKELAA
N52.000000 E010.157167 BOCKENAA Bockenem Autobahnabfahrt
N52.833333 E010.669500 BODEXSTK Bad Bodenteich Kreuzung
N52.406167 E008.034667 BRAMXA1K Bramsche Kreuzung Autobahn 1 Kanal
N52.344450 E012.600000 BRANDEBA Brandenburg Autobahnabfahrt
N52.834167 E010.487500 BREITENH Breitenhees
N53.483333 E009.138883 BREMERBH Bremervörde Bahnhof
N52.598667 E010.929167 BROX248B Brome Kreuzung B248 B244
N53.841667 E012.006950 BUETZOEI Buetzow Eisenbahn
N52.233333 E011.891667 BURGAO Burg Autobahnabfahrt
N53.283617 E012.975550 BurgWerg Burg Wesenberg
N52.158333 E011.000000 BUSCHHN Buschhaus Kraftwerk
N52.811167 E008.208333 CLOPPEAA Cloppenburg Autobahnabfahrt
N51.888833 E012.400000 COSWIGAA Coswig Autobahnabfahrt
N51.484667 E009.016333 DIEMELAA Diemelstadt Autobahnabfahrt
N52.613000 E008.389167 DIEX214B Diepholz Kreuzung B214 B51
N53.143000 E011.229167 DOEMITBR Doemitz Bruecke
N51.635333 E012.880000 DOMMITBF Dommitzsch Bahnhof
N52.892783 E009.769450 DORFMABA Dorfmark Autobahnabfahrt
N53.337500 E010.536167 ECHEM_BF Echem Bahnhof
N51.794500 E010.077833 ECHTE_AA Echte Autobahnabfahrt
N53.194500 E010.082833 EGESTOAA Egestorf Autobahnabfahrt
N52.194500 E011.266667 EILSLEAA Eilsleben Autobahnabfahrt
N52.216667 E010.788833 ELMFTURM Elm Funkturm
N52.742833 E010.227833 ESCHEDBF Eschede Bahnhof
N52.336000 E008.609667 ESPELXBK Luebbecke Eisenbahnbruecke
N53.159667 E010.061167 EVENDOAA Evendorf Autobahnabfahrt
N52.754500 E010.050000 EVERSEN Eversen
N51.545833 E013.266667 FALX183B Falkenberg Kreuzung B183
N53.330283 E013.431383 FELDBERG Feldberg
N52.369450 E010.726383 FLECHTBA Flechtdorf Autobahnabfahrt
N51.955833 E013.767217 FREIWALD Freiwalde
N51.455500 E009.869500 FRIEDLAA Friedland Autobahndreieck
N53.188883 E013.136117 FUERSTBH Fuerstenbuerg Bahnhof
N52.516667 E011.400000 GARDELBF Gardelegen Bahnhof
N53.240000 E010.079500 GARLSTAA Garlstorf Autobahnabfahrt
N52.403333 E012.156383 GENTHIN Genthin
N52.495000 E010.525333 GIFX4188 Gifhorn Kreuzung B4 B188
N52.900000 E012.083333 GLOEWEBH Gloewen Bahnhof
N51.525333 E009.880333 GOETTAA Goettingen Autobahnabfahrt
N53.001950 E013.166117 GRANSEE Gransee
N52.038617 E014.042217 GRSSLTHN Gross Leuthen
N53.772167 E012.316667 GUESTRAA Guestrow Autobahnabfahrt
N53.488833 E011.279167 HAGENOAA Hagenow Autobahnabfahrt
N53.415283 E011.219450 HAGENOSU Hagenow Eisenbahn
N52.295833 E011.382000 HALDEXBK Haldensleben Eisenbahnbruecke
N52.243000 E011.012500 HELMSTAA Helmstedt Autobahnabfahrt
N52.832217 E010.092500 HERMANOE Hermannsburg OHE
N53.072167 E012.530500 HERZSPBA Herzsprung Autobahnabfahrt
N53.140283 E011.040283 HITZACBH Hitzacker Bahnhof
N52.249450 E011.400283 HUNDSBRG Hundisburg
N52.169500 E011.488833 IRXLEBAA Irxleben Autobahnabfahrt
N52.448333 E010.574667 ISENBUXB Isenbuettel Eisenbahnbruecke
N52.953333 E013.807217 JCHMSTHL Joachimsthal
N52.672500 E009.775283 JEVERSAL Jeversen Allerbruecke
N52.662500 E011.391667 KALBE BH Kalbe Bahnhof
N52.631950 E011.159717 KLOETZE Kloetze
N52.314667 E010.818000 KOENIGAA Koenigslutter Autobahnabfahrt
N51.961667 E012.461950 KOESELTZ Koeselitz
N53.680550 E012.375000 KRAKOWBA Krakow Autobahnabfahrt
N52.566667 E011.033333 KUNRAUBH Kunrau Bahnhof
N53.886167 E012.252833 LAAGE_AA Laage Autobahnabfahrt
N52.062500 E011.950000 LEITZKSC Leitzkau
N52.444450 E011.483333 LETZJAGD Letzlingen Jagdschloss
N52.269500 E007.927833 LOTTE_XA Lotte Autobahnkreuz
N52.091950 E013.161117 LUCKNWLD Luckenwalde
N53.422167 E011.519500 LUDWIGBA Ludwigslust Autobahndreieck
N53.336167 E011.494500 LUDWIGBF Ludwigslust Bahnhof
N51.941950 E013.897217 LUEBBEN Luebben
N53.729167 E011.413883 LUEBSTBH Luebstorf Bahnhof
N53.473667 E012.026333 LUEBZBF Luebz Bahnhof
N53.658333 E011.175000 LUETZOBH Luetzow Bahnhof
N53.494333 E012.384667 MALCHOAA Malchow Autobahnabfahrt
N53.225000 E012.202783 MEYENBBA Meyenburg Autobahnabfahrt
N52.483333 E011.211167 MIESTEBF Mieste Bahnhof
N53.266667 E012.837500 MIROW X Mirow Kreuzung
N52.522167 E010.365333 MUEDYOKE Mueden Okermuendung
N53.236117 E010.891667 NEU_DAEL Darchau
N52.902783 E012.738883 NEURUPBA Neu Ruppin Autobahnabfahrt
N53.369450 E013.075000 NEUSTRX Neustrelitz Kreuzung B96 B193
N52.849167 E013.941117 NIEDRFNW Niederfinow
N52.097217 E012.691667 NIEMEGBA Niemegk Autobahnabfahrt
N52.669167 E009.180833 NIENBXWB Nienburg Weserbruecke
N51.699667 E009.940833 NORTH_AW Northeim Autobahnabfahrt
N52.441667 E010.983333 OEBISFBF Oebisfelde Bahnhof
N53.113883 E008.272217 OLDENBOS Oldenburg Autobahnkreuz
N53.163833 E010.800000 OLDXB216 Oldendorf Kreuzung B216
N52.475000 E010.665333 OSSLOSSX Ossloss Kreuzung
N53.338833 E011.800000 PARCHIAA Parchim Autobahnabfahrt
N53.299167 E010.148617 PATTENDB Pattensen Eisenbahn
N53.070833 E011.848333 PERLEBRG Perleberg
N53.130500 E013.883333 PFINGSAA Pfingstberg Autobahnabfahrt
N53.461167 E012.261167 PLAUBF Plau Bahnhof
N53.230283 E013.987783 PRENZLAU Prenzlau
N52.966667 E011.400000 PREZELLE Prezelle
N53.363883 E011.083333 PRITZIBH Pritzier Bahnhof
N53.318050 E010.288883 RADBRUBH Radburch Bahnhof
N52.408333 E011.129167 RAETZLBH Raetzlingen Bahnhof
N53.241667 E008.197217 RASTEDBH Rastede Bahnhof
N52.591667 E012.320833 RATHENDB Rathenow Eisenbahn
N53.708333 E010.775000 RATZEBDO Ratzeburg Domsee
N52.787833 E009.386667 RETXA209 Rethen Bruecke B209
N53.361167 E012.466667 ROEBELAA Roebel Autobahnabfahrt
N52.708333 E011.041667 ROHRBXS Rohrberg Kreuzung B248
N52.854167 E011.206833 SALZWEYB Salzwedel Eisenbahnabzweigung
N53.294167 E010.489500 SCHARNEB Scharnebeck
N53.167217 E009.496950 SCHEESBH SCHEESBH
N53.066667 E011.441667 SCHNACTV SCHNAC Fernsehturm
N52.016667 E011.733333 SCHOENBH Schoenebeck Bahnhof
N52.675000 E009.693333 SCHWARAA Schwarmstedt Autobahnabfahrt
N52.684717 E009.598883 SCHWARLE Schwarmstedt Bruecke B214
N53.591667 E011.500000 SCHWERAS Schwerin Autobahnabfahrt
N53.627783 E011.423617 SCHWERSC Schwerin Schloss
N52.890283 E011.731950 SEEHAUY Seehausen Abzweigung B189 B190
N52.908333 E010.916667 SIPTHALX Spithal Kreuzung
N53.293617 E009.507783 SITTENBA Sittensen Autobahnabfahrt
N51.225500 E009.610833 SOEHRETU Soerewald
N51.638833 E012.654167 SOELLIBF Soellichau Bahnhof
N52.983833 E009.834167 SOLTAUBF Soltau Bahnhof
N53.353883 E009.418050 STEDDOTV Steddort Fernsehturm
N52.658333 E009.390283 STEIMBKI Steimbke
N52.863833 E009.377500 STEMMEBF Stemmn Bahnhofe
N52.594500 E011.850000 STENDABF Stendal Bahnhof
N52.597217 E012.005550 STENDAEL Stendal Eisenbahnbruecke
N52.725000 E012.008333 STENDAKR Stendal Industriegebiet
N53.293000 E011.983333 SUCKOWAA Suckow Autobahnabfahrt
N52.905283 E010.435550 SUDERBX Suderburg Eisenbahn
N52.686167 E008.815333 SULINGBF Sulingen Bahnhof
N52.550000 E011.986117 TANGERX Tangermuende Kreuzung
N52.122217 E013.646383 TEUPITZ Teupitz
N52.233617 E012.062500 THEESSEN Theessen
N51.568000 E013.009667 TORGXBEL Torgau Eisenbahnbruecke
N52.098333 E012.871117 TRNBRTZN Treuenbrietzen
N52.911667 E010.613050 UELZENSC Uelzen Schiffshebewerk
N52.956167 E009.245500 VERDENAN Verden Autobahnabfahrt
N52.602783 E010.611117 WAHRENBH Wahrenholz Bahnhof
N53.402667 E012.467500 WALOW937 Walow Fernsehturm
N52.851833 E009.556000 WALSROAW Walsrode Autobahnabfahrt
N52.777833 E009.672167 WESTENAA Westenholz Autobahnabfahrt
N52.100000 E012.433333 WIESENBF Wiesenburg Bahnhof
N52.113050 E012.451667 WIESNBRG Wiesenburg
N52.566667 E010.472217 WILTURM Wilsche Fernsehturm
N52.677833 E009.908333 WINSEABR Winsen Allerbruecke
N52.736117 E011.245833 WINTERX Winterfeld Kreuzung B71
N51.866667 E012.662500 WITTENBF Wittenberg Bahnhof
N52.983617 E011.772217 WITTENEL Wittenberge Elbeport
N52.730500 E010.727667 WITTINBF Wittingen Bahnhof
N53.155550 E012.450000 WITTSTBA Wittstock Autobahnabfahrt
N52.307500 E010.724667 WOBKOEXA Wolfsburg Koenigslutter Autobahnkreuz
N53.000667 E010.838333 ZARENTXS Zarenthien
N53.513833 E010.894500 ZARRENAA Zarrentin Autobahnabfahrt
N51.952783 E012.094450 ZERBSTBH Zerbst Bahnhof
N53.069450 E010.897217 ZERNIETV Zernin Fernsehturm
N52.258333 E012.293333 ZIESAR Ziesar
N52.244500 E012.255500 ZIESARAA Ziesar Autobahnabfahrt


  • Florian Meissner, founder and front-man of Discovering Eagle.


This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE.md file for details

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