Day 6: Guiscriffe Scaer to La Roche

It was another night with lovely people at Guiscriffe in Brittany. But as always, it came the time to leave. The airport manager Laetitia was so welcoming. Despite having all hands full with a holiday event to fly disabled children, she insisted to say goodbye and wave us of!

The almost two hours long flight took us along the Atlantic Coast past Lorient and St. Nazaire. Unfortunately the weather was to hazy to get proper photos. Finally we arrived at La Roche sur Yon and parked the airplane at the Centre de Vol à Voile Yonnaise on the north side of the aerodrome. That definitely was the right choice! The people were even nicer than in Guiscriffe and we had a really funny evening. Although it got to late to write this article in time.

And what we didn’t know, the next morning Isabelle would show us something really cool!

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