A new Supporter for Discovering Eagle!

With our project, we definitely take all help we can get. And sometimes it comes from a quite unexpected direction, too.

As I wrote before, my father used to work for the german military as a meteorologist. And I do remember that one of his colleagues, Helmut Blank, used to act as Santa Claus on Christmas for my brother and me.  He even went as far as doing part of the funeral oration when my father was killed.

Unfortunately after that we lost contact. But now about 15 years later I got hold on his phone number and called him. This was about two weeks before the British Isles Tour 2019 and Helmut immediately offered his help with weather reports.

Now that I am back home, the only thing left to say is, that without Helmut’s help the tour would have been much more difficult. Even at his own vacation he didn’t bother to send me some charts on Whatsapp for my planning. Thank you so much, Helmut!

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