Day 6: Easter – Glenforsa

Day 6? Isn’t something missing there? Yes, indeed! We had a lot of rain up here in Scotland and we had to stay in Fife for a day before heading for Easter. And on that flight I just had no time to get some photos in. I apologize!

Anyway, after waiting for almost the entire day to clear up we finally made the call at 18:30 local time to sneak threw the Glen to the west coast into the better weather. But after flying over Inverness, the entrance to the Glen was blocked with a big thunderstorm. So we turned around and followed the railway line to Plockton and continued on the coastline south to the Isle of Mull and Glenforsa.

Glenforsa actually is a little grass strip belonging to a hotel right on the “apron”. They are really friendly people over there and even though they were book out this night, they allowed my to camp next to the plane and even had a shower ready for me in the morning. All in all it’s worth a stay!

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