New Extension for SkyDemon available!

For a couple of days there is a video circulating on social media about an airplane almost hitting the tow rope of a paraglider being winch launched. Understandably discussions erupted what could be done to prevent similar situations from happening again, or worse, ending in a crash.

On the SkyDemon Users Facebook Page we discussed why SkyDemon is not showing these launch sites in their charts. My wild guess, SkyDemon uses mainly the publicly available AIP IFR of the countries they want to provide data for. And at least in Germany §25 LuftVG airfields for paragliding and hanggliding are not even governed by the CAA (LBA, Luftfahrt Bundesamt) but by multiple Aviation Associations and so are not showing up on “official” documentation.

To fill this gap, we compiled the airfield database of the DHV (Deutscher Hängegeleiterverband) into SkyDemon CustomData files and do provide them for download.

Feel free to uses these files and if you should encounter an error, please let me know.

To the Download…

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