Flying Wrench Bender beats his Dad

Pilots tend to think, that mechanics can’t fly. Last week, my brother and helping hand Nico proved the opposite. In his Ventus cxM D-KNGS he fly over a thousand (yes, 1.000) kilometers from Celle to the Mecklenburg Lake District and on to Poland. After a little more than 10 hours of continuous soaring, he returned to Celle.

With that Flight, Nico beat our father who only achieved a single sailplane flight over 1.000 km in his life. Almost 20 years ago he flew an LS6 D-1049 and took off in the French Alps in Serres La Batie Monsáleon.

Nicos 2. 1000er

Here you see an article from our local newspaper Cellesche Zeitung.

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